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How to Stop Gambling and Get Your
Life Back on Track
Many people struggle with gambling addiction which can cause financial problems,
damage relationships and leave you in debt online casino singapore. Whether you are an occasional gambler
or have a serious problem, it is possible to stop gambling and get your life back on
track. However, it is important to seek help from a qualified therapist as gambling
addiction is considered to be a mental illness and can be treated in the same way as
other addictions.

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If you’re trying to quit gambling, the first step is to set a date for when you will stop.
You should also think about why you want to stop and what your goals are for the
future 711kelab. Once you have made a decision to stop, it is important that you stick with it
and do not start again. It is also recommended that you reduce financial risk factors
by removing credit cards, keeping a fixed amount of cash on hand and closing online
betting accounts.
A professional therapist can be of great assistance in helping you to understand the
nature of your gambling habit and how it developed. The therapist will also teach
you strategies to manage your gambling behaviour going forward. A cognitive
behavioural therapy (CBT) approach is generally the most successful. In some cases,
group therapy is also available and can be beneficial as you can discuss your
experiences with others who are experiencing the same issues.
Gambling is often used as an escape from troubling thoughts and emotions and it is
essential to find alternative ways of dealing with these feelings once you have
stopped gambling. Hobbies are a good alternative as they generate pleasure and
keep your mind off gambling. Try to rekindle old hobbies that you may have
neglected while gambling and introduce new ones too. This will give your brain
something to focus on each day and provide a regular reminder of your commitment
not to gamble.

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It is helpful to write a daily journal, in which you can record your thoughts and
feelings. This will help you to begin to identify triggers for your gambling urges, such
as boredom, stress, or the need to escape. You can then use this information to
develop coping mechanisms for these feelings going forward.
Having someone close to you who supports your decision to stop gambling is very
important. This could be a friend, family member or a professional counsellor. It is
vital that you talk about your gambling problem with somebody who will not judge
you, as bottling up these feelings can increase your urges to gamble.
Avoid friends and family members who continue to gamble, as this will make it
difficult to resist temptation. It is also helpful to stay away from places where
gambling takes place, as this can be a major trigger for you. It is also a good idea to
spend time with non-gambling friends and colleagues. This will help you to refocus
your social network and prevent you from falling into the trap of chasing losses or
finding other reasons to gamble.

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